First Step - Carrier Audit

The fast easy way to cut expenses! Our voice and data expense review has no cost or obligation. After the review you'll know where you stand with your carrier charges and you'll have options to save with vetted carriers.  Any size business can benefit. Wait?  What's that you say? You're locked into a contract?  Not necessarily. Your contract can be bought out and you can have less expense, better service, and no obligation month to month billing. Yes, it can be that good. One month's bill is generally all we need.

Need Even More?

With a Cloud Contact Center you'll gain features such as Work Force Management, Work Force Optimization, Screen Capture, Voice Analytics, Coaching, Surveys, Skills Based Routing, Personalization, Gamification and there's more.  It's a lot to grasp without a demo, so drop us a note for a bit of free education.

Move It To The Cloud!

Next step, move your PBX to the cloud and ditch costly hardware expenditures and upgrades. You'll never have obsolete technology again.  Not only that but you'll ease IT workload, gain scalability, features, mobility and business continuity not possible with a premise PBX. It's a great way to go. Not sure about jumping all the way in? You'd like to keep your PBX and gain functionality?  We can implement a hybrid solution. Later, when it's time for costly purchases, you can save and go cloud!

The Really Big Picture

Move it all to the Cloud.  Your IT infrastructure and applications can all stay secure and up to date.  Think about it, that means no more pondering which servers to purchase, replacing failed hard drives, wondering if that patch was actually applied, restoring desktops, and etc.  You'll increase infrastructure reliability and performance while reducing cost waste and inefficiency. Take a leap with us to the Cloud.

Bring It All Together!

Now that you've realized what a great place the cloud is, unify all your internal and external communications.  That's right, email, chat, text, social media, video all together with voice in one location.  Employees can collaborate and share across several mediums, as a result they are more productive, responsive, accurate and innovative. Customer profiles can be viewed when the connection is established and interactions saved into their profile.  Remember as well, customers today want options to interact, keep them happy.

What Else?

Well, have you considered disaster recovery?

We can mirror your data and apps across multi geographical areas.  It's even possible to have a near instantaneous cut over to redundant systems in the event of a disaster or power failure.  There are a lot of options.  You know better than to put all your data in one basket.  Let's talk.