This is an honest, no scam, no obligation, free offer.

If you have a business with five or more lines you have a really good chance of lowering your voice and data expenses.

I bring carriers together to compete for your business.

Read below and I'll explain.

Hi There,

My name is Sean McLoughlin and I've created this landing page to get you started on understanding where your voice and data expenses lie and a great way to reduce them.


Well, I've gathered some great contacts in the industry with decades of experience with multiple carriers. All the big names you think of when you hear voice or internet.

My guys audit and create new beneficial solutions for companies every day.  They really are experts at figuring out voice and data costs. It's pretty much all they do.

There is a great need for people like these. Most business owners don't have time to figure out a better way or even how to start comparing multiple carriers and quotes let alone keep up on beneficial updates you won't know about (such as switching to newly laid fiber connection in your area).

OK Sean,  How does this work?

One phone bill.  That's all I need.  Email, fax or perhaps I can pick it up in person.

You get in return:

One easy to understand document with multiple quotes  for voice and internet from  companies like AT&T Business, Spectrum Partner, Sprint Partner, Verizon Business, Century Link, Cox, Windstream, etc.

This information and quoting is free.  Yes free, no gimmicks, no opt in first.  You simply get the information then you decide what to do with it.

You may, for example, sign up for a better deal with the help of my guys or decide to do nothing.

It will:

  • Help you understand where you are now with your voice and data expenses.
  • Deliver  easy to understand knowledge regarding how to lower your current expenses or add additional bandwidth and quality at a lower cost or no increase in current expenses.
  • Or, you find out you've got a great deal already with your carrier and you're happy with that knowledge.

"This all works how and why is it free?"

Easy explanation:  There exist "Master Agencies" in the telecommunication industry that are similar to multi-line insurance brokers that can negotiate better pricing through tremendous volume.  The good news is, unlike insurance brokers, your contact and services are directly with the carrier of your choosing.

Why do the carriers care about Master Agencies?  These Master Agencies create a lot of business opportunity for the carriers. So, the carriers want in.  The carriers know they are going to be in competition side by side in front of you the consumer. So, to be competitive they offer pricing you normally may not get on your own.

Your research and quoting are free because all the large and small carriers, each and every one, pay for the business they receive to the Master agency, the auditors and myself.

That's why it's a free no obligation process and the choice yours who you go with in the end (or decide not to).

There is one more little benefit.  We've often uncovered billing mistakes, unused services, that type of thing that can save you expenses as well. We can also alert you to improvements in your area you be interested such as newly laid fiber connections or VOIP.

Here's an example from this week (10-1-2019)  We took one businesses' monthly bill down from $4,100 to $1,200. Yes!  The savings really can be that much!  This is the good honest type of business that makes me smile.

(Locked in a contract?  Some carriers will buy out your contract. Sometimes you save enough to buy yourself out...just fyi)

So, interested ?

  • Call me at 614-286-0010
  • Email:
  • Or the contact page below works too.

Thank you for your time and good luck in your business!


Sean, here’s my info let’s see if you can help me.