Ahhh, the "Click Here First" took you to the About page.  But why?

You know the answer already.  It's not all about "what" you do business with. It's "who" you do business with.  We are your "Who" with integrity, accountability, commitment and respect for your business and career.  Why did I mention career?  Because I've experienced good people face awful consequences because of bad purchases made from false promises. Not only do I value your business, I value your career. I understand stressful situations at work arising from a bad recommendation don't just stay at work.  We take that stress home with us. I've been three. My collegaues have been here.  I'll never intentionally put anyone on that path. That is my promise to you;  I'll do my absolute best to weed out the Vaporware, the "sell it and charge for services to fix it later", the false promise makers, horrible customer service and every other aspect of the commitment that should just be done correctly from the start.

What do I ask of you?  As always, perform your due diligence from the start not just with us but with the providers we bring forth. I value your feedback and welcome any communication that will help us all sleep better at night in our selection of vendors and services.  After 30 years in IT the only constant is:  somewhere in the project there will always be a challenge, you'll need people that don't back down.

Now to the Nuts and Bolts.  We have really really great contacts (check out the provider page!)  We have  engineers available in multi-discipline fields across 100 providers to help figure out your best options. We have vendor agnostic sales people and sales support on tap to research those options to provide prices and competitive quotes (across multiple vendors if you'd like). This is all done for free, yes free!  You'll have zero commitment to us or any vendor for these services.  When you decide the time is right, you'll work directly with the vendors you choose with us as your backup and support through the process.

If You're here, you probably already know you have a need. Some of you are experts and at some point we're all new to this.  Whether it's a simple carrier audit or multi-national contact center it'll all start with an easy conversation.  It's your call, you're in the driver's seat, let's explore the great innovations that have come forward and understand how they can positively impact your business and your career.

To get started.  It's easy. Call 614-286-0010 or use the link below.  Feel free to fill in as little or as much as you'd like and add some open calendar availability if possible.

To your success!
Sean McLoughlin

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