One Guy and a Cloud has more than 50 carriers and service providers nationally to work with allowing us to provide each and every customer a carrier that is a perfect fit for your telecom and data needs. Whether you have hundreds of remote locations, a large concentration of employees at a central location, or work at home employees we can provide partners with experience addressing your unique business challenges with support and industry-leading technology. You'll get leveraged buying power from wholesale agreements with all the major carriers to select the best solution for your voice and data needs.

What is a Carrier Audit?

When we talk about a Carrier, we are referring to your data and voice providers. Companies like ATT, Spectrum, Windstream, etc. Many of these carriers offer a wide variety of services from Fiber, Coax, DSL, & T1. Some of which are older technologies that are outdated and overpriced for the value that you get in today’s need for speed, bandwidth driven world. For example, a T1 connection running at 1.5 Mbps was state-of-the-art only 5 years ago. A T1 line might cost between $1,000 and $1,500 per month depending on who provides it and where it goes. The question then becomes, do you really need the T1 connection? Nowadays businesses require a faster connection and demand a more cost-effective method. But how do you know how much bandwidth you really need? That is where we can help you determine what is best for your business not only today but your future needs as well.

What are the benefits?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to save money? One of the biggest perks in having your current carrier services audited is saving money on your monthly bill. You could possibly even upgrade to a faster new technology at the same cost for what you are paying now. The inventory alone has helped our clients become aware of exactly what they are spending each month as well as assist in making future telecom decisions for their company. Although every company’s telecom infrastructure is unique, in most cases our clients realize an average of 20% savings on their annual telecommunications services. It is important to note that we are not associated or contracted with any telecom carriers.

What is the process and what will be audited?  

Our audit process is outlined below:

1. When it comes to the actual audit, with your permission we will request your most recent monthly bills, this includes voice, data, internet and wireless services, to review line-by-line to ensure there are no mistakes and that you are not overpaying for excess services or slow and outdated internet. If data is not available or inadequately detailed we can work with your carriers and providers to gather the documentation needed, including customer service records. We research all carriers available in your area for the services you are interested in or considering.

2. We put together a side-by-side comparison with your current services and costs versus the options of other products and services that would best fit your needs and budget.

3. Once a provider is decided on, we request appropriate agreements to be executed.

4. Gather any information needed to secure a smooth transition to your new products and/or services.

5. Continue to be your point of contact through the term of agreement with the particular carrier you choose.

Why Us?

With our 25+ year’s industry knowledge, we are able to uncover savings and refunds that at times are nearly impossible to locate by an untrained eye. We find the best program for all of your  needs and can recommend a number of provider options to you. You'll choose which option is the best. We look out for your needs, not the needs of any particular company that we work with which makes us “carrier neutral.”

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